Tajikistan Foreign Minister discusses prospects of cooperation with Total oil, gas company
CA-NEWS (TJ) - Prospects of cooperation were discussed at the meeting between Tajikistan Minister of Foreign Affairs Khamrokhon Zarifi and head of the oil and gas company Total in Paris, Foreign Ministry said on February 13.
The Minister told about investment climate and condition of mineral raw material base of the country. Tethys Petroleum and Gazprom companies have been already successfully functioning in Tajikistan, Khamrokhon Zarifi noticed.
Kulob Petroleum, branch company of Tethys Petroleum Limited (Guernsey, Channel Islands), signed a contract with French oil and gas company Total and Chinese CNODC to come into share of Bokhtar deposit in Tajikistan in the end of December.
Total and CNODC will own equal shares of the deposit, around 33,3%. Kulob Petroleum retains 33.33%.
Tajikistan owns rich natural resources, the country is ready to cooperate with Total in relevant spheres, the Minister added.
Vice President of Total Olivier Cleret de Langavant expressed interest and readiness of the company to develop steady cooperation with Tajikistan in oil and gas sphere.