Is there a friendly takeover being orchestrated?The pieces of the puzzle are all falling in its place.Two super majors teaming up with a minor. Lets look at Kazakhstan .TOTAL has acquired two blocks next to the Doris Field .Kazakhstan - China gas pipeline which is owned and operated by CNPC,scheduled to be fully operational in late 2013 early 2014. Tajikistan assets which lie next to the Afghanistan border where CNPC is fully active in its drilling campaign (oil production in progress) CNPC has just got approval by the Afghan.government to build an oil refinery,the project should be completed in 2015-2016.Uzbekistan North Urtabulak fields which borders with Turkmenistan and its South Yolotan fields where CNPC is already producing gas (South Yolotan fields are estimated to be the second largest gas fields in the world) When you look at the farm in deal they got .you wonder what they got out of it? Personally I don't think they got a fair deal with the huge potential Tajikistan has to offer.Was there more negotiation than just a Farm In partnership? Lets not forget David Robson has his faults but give him this ,he's a master negotiator .