It's probably big boys shuffling blocks of stock to eacthother to make volume appear soo

big and at a low price to entice sellers which they buy from,it's kind of odd that many days

now after the news of JV the stock goes up on smaller purchases but gets taken back

down on big lots of stock.The fear 6 months ago was further dilution and earnings and

today the fear is what?


 Some think we might see .40 or even .30 but how is that possible when soon they will

have 60 mill and earning almost 5 mill/month going forward with an export license on

the way and new wells and existing ones to increase on that 5,000 bpd and when in

2014 their gas sales from Tajikistan sold to China should equal their oil sales from same


 They did kind of dissapoint with the last well in Kazahkstan cause everyone was hoping

for another zone of oil Dyna which missed at that location but the area is still not fully

defined,instead of doing these wild exploration wells they should focus on drilling

wells they are 90% sure will increase production and earnings and under an export

license cause can get better than 37$ netback but in any case get that sales up to

20,000 bpd than can do exploration work and can always extend the time to do it

as they have already a few times.What''s the point of proving 300 million barrels

for instance if only producing 5 bpd,is better IMO you do it later and earnings are

more important cause will always find new oil or gas in areas known to have both

which they have.