Yes, it means they are operatiionally cash flow positive which is good and are getting better.

As to why the stock price is back down, who knows?  Thinly traded, not on most peoples radar, a lot of traders who cannot look past a week let alone look ahead six months or a couple of years; traders taking profits after the rise; Robson now saying the farm in agreement might not happen unitl January (credibility problem again);  nobody knowing if what is being said should be believed unconditionally or is just positive spin and we are going to be let down again; robotrading taking the advantage of higher share price to dump an unwanted position; seller still around who is dumping its position; the market knowing something we don't 

The question is, can we see past that; do we have the conviction in our own analysis so that we can get beyond this bumpy road to the holy grail called Tajikistan where  geysers  dot  the barren wastelands and pipelines snake through the valleys to feed the thirsty Chinese.