I beleive that  they can increase production at Doris and area up to 10,000 bpd in 2013 with

existing wells and new wells but will need to at same time increase the AOL and trucking

and processing facility and think they can do this in 2013.What would really help and move

things faster is a better price for their gas sales in 2013 before 2014 when they can export

to China .Even if exploratory wel AKD07 l hit 5,000 bpd they could still only sell around 6,000 bpd

as limited by processing and trucking and aol so the next few wells will get us to 10,000 bpd

but all the rest must work aswell.They do have alot of gas to sell and will make a kiliing selling

 it to China buy just turning the tap on but that is a year away atleast.Tajikistan needs gas

and imports alot so they need to move on that and tie them and is another story.