Listened to the conferance call and they are know getting 37$ netback at well head or around 55$ if

factor in transportation costs which others do the transporting for that.They hope to increase that to

around 40$ in next quarter or two and will stay at roughly that amount with brent at 110-80 they

figure.With export contract when it arrives will increase the netback.


 They may receive a better price in 2013 for their gas sales and surely will when they can export

under the China pipeline at end of 2013,any increase for 2013 would help and if and when the

China pipeline does take effect and they tie in and export will be very good cause will get

5x more than what they get today.


 According to what they say,4500 by years end is possible with more trucking and than can step

it up again,they are mostly limited by the trucking part and have 3 wells they can produce from

and later test and pump the Jurrasic zones from other wells.The AOL can handle 6,000 bpd

at moment so as the trucking part is getting higher than should achieve that and continue to

move higher with increasing the processing facility and aol along with new wells drilled and

or increased.


   In Tajikistan they havn't tested the wells yet cause can't afford to so will happen next year

and probably focus on cheap workovers to get production unitl they can.A farm in partner

will be a big positive and terms of that and wonder if it includes all the Tajikistan property

like the wells and area they drilled or that is excluded i would think and is manly the

deep subsalt areas and huge acreage.


 Doesn't seem they will need anymore financing as they should be able to do it from what

they have and maybe a bit slower but no more dilution is also a postive.4,500 bpd with

around 37$ netback is a start and can move forward.With China pipeline of gas sales

in 2014 will have alot of cash do whatever they want and will also increase the gas

production,so seems for 2013 they are on track for increased production and earnings

ready for explosion of them for 2014.