Won't and isn't that prouduction contract to sell oil at free market due this or next

quarter.They say they plan to prouduce and sell at least 4,500 bpd and could do more

with existing wells but is optimal with wells they have.Surley they could let those choked

wells on their creatceous sands flow a bit more and or could drill closer spaced wells

to increase pruduction on what they have.I do think that 4,500 bpd sold on free

market and even for a quarter or 2 until new wells are drilled ramping up on the

wells until new ones come online will give them enough money to keep drilling.


 This JV venture thing if it does happen would help get things moving in Tajikistan and

is dissapointing we have had no news on their wells their which is kind of suspicious

as to why.The wells which kicked with oil and gas and still no testing results,i would

like to know whether they even tested them cause if they did would be material info

which you must disclose so must not have happened yet.One thing is forsure is that

their is oil and gas in Tajikistan and Kazahkstan and have large properties to work

and find it and add on what they have thus far.Kalypso should atleast have gas if

not oil cause right next door they are producing gas but still no testing as of yet.

 I think they could easily make that at least 4,500 bpd into 6,000 by ramping akd01

and other to export the current limits of AOL and with export contract is significant

and should finance futher exploration without dillution but they surely can't drill

a deep well in Tajikisatn in some deep basin by themselves which is why they

need a partner and maybe one who will also pay upfront cash to get in on the

potential of super fields and deposits

 Why stop their and why not JV Kalypso and it's acreage and or Uzbekistan cause have

alot of acreage to explore which will 100% lead to deposits of oil and gas.

 Once the China pipeline crosses and they can sell Gas to China will have no

more problems with money but that is atleast until 2014.I think we all thought

that those Tajikistan wells would have panned out great and added to revenue

but if they still waiting for testing than that is very bad management cause that would

have carried many things forward but 4,500-6,000 bpd from Kazahkstan with export

lincense should do same thing.Why would a major stake land next door to Tethys

in Kazahkstan anyway and could be positive sign that either they are the JV

partner or someone who thinks it's worth to be their and Tethys could be a takeover

by them,i won't complain with anything exept what we have drifted to this week.

I do need to break even if possible and thought we would be doing much better

but,but,but here we are for now.