Shocked, shocked that further testing of AKD 07 showed no productive hydrocarbons! Shocked that sands didnt exist at all or for the few meters that did were only  water when for all the world, on company seismic, they were clearly present! I guess this makes TEN (10) confirmed duster wells to the tune of more than 150 million of shareholder money evaporated. Just so TO1 and his benighted (translation: retarted) sidekick Tepid1 get the count straight let me start: KOM 200, KOM 201, East Olomtoi, Persea, NVR 116, AKD2, AKD4, AKD6, Kalypso and AKD7. Look them up- either dusters or so "promising" that  they haven't bothered to test them ( waiting I guess for equipment that turned water into oil). "But,but,but" I expect TO1 to say ( and maybe as well the aptly named Tepid). He accused me of being drunk when I posted- the only drunks I see are you two drunk on the Kool-Aid. You can count on the JV announcement all you want- promised 3 years ago as well. Best of luck.