News was not great as the Jurrasic needs to be pumped of formation fluids and acidized,they should have

just acidized it to begin with and later a pump to get more out of it.Doesn't sound like they gave up on it

and want to acidise and pump same zones in other wells they drilled and not yet tested,they don't need

to flow 1,500 barrels each to be commmercial.They did say the can achieve at least 4,500 bpd of

existing wells and could probably ramp that up if really wanted to until news wells are added is

the way i read into it.Isn't a production contract on the horizon soon and a JV partner in Tajikistan.

Why would a major oil company stake land next door to Tethys in Kazahkstan and isn't testing of

Kalypso on the horizon and this major could easily takeover Tethys if price was right and all their

gas which will be tied into that China pipeline in 2014.What i can't understand is why no results

on their 3 wells in Tajikistan,one with gas and the other 2 with oil and gas,all 2 sounded very

promising yet no results on testing.If they preserving cash and want to focus on Kazahkstan

and leaving Tajikistan for later or something?


 If  it is indeed a major oil and gas company who JV's with Tethys in Tajikistan than should be good

news and the terms of that.Tethys could be a takeover in time and a major company can shell

out good money to do it.