Not good at all.

Begin to be very impatient with the mangement lack of performance.

I sold this morning some shares I will closed my position over the next few days. 


I bought them at 45 cents 1 year ago and sell around 45 cents so no profit. Anyway future looks very dark for TPL. They can't produce more than 4'000bpd because of it is the limit of Doris (last drill show that doris is not a big field).

I have never see a mangement spending that much money (salaries and travel expenses compare to the size of the company). So most of the 4'000bpd cash flow will finance TPL's mangement cocktails and wisky in the bahamas. No money left for exploration and anything. 

Big chance of another fundraising over the next few month to finance Kazak exploration.

To sum up. I am very disapointed by mangement performance and execution so far. TPL share price has been divided by 6 since the IPO 5 years ago and the mangement keep on salaries spree. I give up

Good luck to all the one who stick with TPL