There has always been poor volume on the TSX for TPL.

The probem is that London isn't buyin a dime of this. London has been selling consistently for well over a month now and if London is always in the red when the trading starts on the TSX then the bids will all head lower here to start off the trading day. With the poor volume in Toronto to begin with its hard to push the SP up with negative momentum to start off every day in Toronto.

This looks destined to retest the 52 week low. I can't even remember when the last time I didn't see the bid and ask not fall instantly in tandem in the last 10 min of a trading day.

The SP was up 250% in early 2012 from the low 40s on no news.

Since then:

1) 2P company reserves increased 25%

2) huge upgrade in possible Taj resources

3) Kazak potential resource report came out

4) a Brent oil price rise of about $20/bo

5) growing balance sheet from 2011

6) AOT terminal online

7) oil production doubled

 8) Drilled/Testing a potential oil producer at AKD07 with reserves upgrade for the comapany 

9) Aquired the Chegara field with known reserves/production 

and its headed for a 52 week low?  


Makes you wounder why anyone puts a dime of their money into the stock market.