In a typical bought deal, the brokers get 8-12% of the gross product of the issue plus that same margin for the allocatement if it is oversubscribed (the provision for an allocatement is usually about 10% of the basic issue.)  This is the basic.  However, brokers being brokers, they set up the deals so not to be stuck with the shares.  A) The issue is usually priced 10-15% below the current quotes so to account beforehand for the dilution; B) they ask the issuer to provide popcorn to entice the subscribers (the warrants).

In this instance, the issue has been priced at current prices (at least for now) and there's no popcorn.  Which suggest to me that the new shares will go straight to a few big players and I would add that it has to be so since there has been nothing in the recent past of TOS to entice new retail investors.

Given the circumstances, good sign.