Your 15 minutes of fame was achieved with your typical baseless attack post. I never insinuated it will take the full 60 days, but you decided you could get some fame pretending otherwise.

I don't work there, and unlike you, don't make up lies about having friends at 3M telling you they could muscle the FDA if they felt like it. Talk about a typical Dr Cash stupid lie that couldn't be true  - If 3M could have muscled the FDA they would have, since it would have prevented them losing the product back to TOS for another company to market. 3M is the world leader in ETO, but will be wiped out if TOS ever gets a 510k approval.

On an unrelated note, conspiracy theorists might wonder why TOS booted out US based 3M for European based Getinge, if the FDA is secretly against non-US companies.

On to reality.  -  Rumble has not bothered doing updates on FDA acceptance review before this one on Monday. Since this is his 4th submission and he claims its simplified nature makes it much more likely to gain approval, there is a possibility he is holding off on a channel marketer if he truly thinks he can get FDA in March. Canaccord thinks TOS goes into play after FDA, so maybe he is going to go without sales for a few more months, in order to keep 100% for a takeover.