Sorry to say that I have lost patience with this one. I sold all my shares about a month ago.

Let's say that one and a half year was already more than I usually like to hold a speculative stock like TOS --without seeing any improvement to the situation.

First of all, I was disappointed to see the end of the alliance with 3M. This big partner was the main reason why I had invested in TOS in the first place. We learned later on that 3M did not live up to its promises, but the end of this partnership was felt like a blow nonetheless (the stock price has not recovered today).

Anyhow, management came up with a promising development when it signed a letter of intent with Getinge in August. A comprehensive agreement has yet to be announced, which remains a source of worry.

But more than anything, the main reason why I got out of my position is that the company has failed, so far, to get the much awaited (and needed) FDA approval for its state of the art ozone sterilizer.

At the beginning of 2012, I gave the company 12 months to get this approval. I sold at the end of November and the approval is still awaited.

Good luck guys -- including you Eunice (I mean it). I sincerely wish you all to make a lot of money with this investment. As for myself, I put my money elsewhere but keep a close look to TSO3. Who knows? I might invest  in the company again.