Hi Frank.  Just want to thank you for your cryptic comments on this board over the years.  It is safe to say that you are an "acquired taste", in that you have not been the most modest of men at times.  However, your willingness to share with us the thinking" on how the biggies and "laid back wealthies" think makes reading your posts a must!


As for myself, I have chosen to withdraw from the field.  I have decided to turn my back on the "rigged casino" . For those of you who have followed my commentaries over the years, I hope that my contributions have been helpful and honest.  As you know, I am not an investment advisor, and I have always encouraged people to do their proper due diligence.


I must confess that the "digital-beans" system - the money not worth the paper it is not printed on, (to quote Geralde Celente), has completely lost its charm with me!


Timmins Gold Corporation is a fantastic company.  i was very proud to be a long-term shareholder, and to have been so well treated by the good folks on this board.  For those of you who have the cajones to ride through the financial stormy seas which are surely going to be out there, God Speed.   Bruce and Arturo are real leaders and superb managers, and this company will always be respected in my eyes.  In future I shall return, and it will be the first stock I re-commit to.   As for the little investors who are neither "laidback, nor weathy", I'd urge caution at this time, and I would invite you to do your due diligence with a vengeance.  Think "geo-political-situation" when doing your review.  It's not Pretty.