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Timmins Gold Corp T.TMM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s):  TGD

Price: $1.93 | Change: $-0.03 | %Change: -1.53%
Volume: 537,059 | Day High/Low: 1.95/1.88 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.33/1.00

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why do I always have to do the dirty work ?

I go away for one week and you all cave in like a little bitc$ with the Goldman monkey gold hammer. I've done enough concrete and drain work in my life for fuc$'s sake. What happened to you all ?  rate and reply
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US interest rates can't go up... look at new home sales.

US new home sales really tanked. US GDP growth will be lack luster (1.6% annual rate), any rate increases would just make things worse. Gold bears main argument has been that interest rates would rise...read more
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Good posts FC > got lucky bought 25,800 shares @ $1.98  rate and reply
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Good post PD. The net profit reported by TMM is not very important. It involves non cash items such as depreciation and future taxes. It is the cash flow generated that really matters. The preliminary...read more
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dont bother chasing penneys here bottom line is moving ahead tmm is making millions and were in the weakest sentiment for gold and doing well and and will be doing a lot better this fall, time to load...read more
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Congratulations > you have decreased your net expected profit to to between  $5m/$6m from  "04 per share. cash flow $8.5M.  rate and reply
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Metal revenues 13 $ 47,050 $ 45,889 Cost of sales (including depreciation and depletion) 4a) 31,515 23,552 Earnings from mine operations 15,535 22,337 Corporate and administrative expenses 4b) 2...read more
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firecracker:       EPS for Q2 should be about 50% Q1 or $2.7m       As for cash on hand it will depend on how much they paid towards their reported current liabilities @ $33,833m PS  > TMM total...read more
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The following is my estimate of quarter 2 results: Revenues $42.5M, earnings from operations $10M, net earnings after taxes $6M or .04 per share. cash flow $8.5M. The big question regarding cash is...read more
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TMM News

Recent Bulletins Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline 2014-07-22 07:08 TMM 2.12 News Release Timmins...read more
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RE:Shorts are loosing BiG

Thanks for the input stranger 5 I have a large portfolio of both producers and juniors. I have a  small position in TMM and have been kind of disappointed in its performance and don't mind moving on...read more
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Shorts are loosing BiG

They are going to try everything to get you to sell your shares . Call in any favours that they can to print anything to get you to sell ! TMM is still under priced compared to many peers . If your...read more
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RE:RE:Seeking Alpha article

Thanks for the posts, guys. Your points are well taken. As for myself, I am placing a fairly close stop on my shares . Good luck! Goldguy Below is the entire essay...read more
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RE:Seeking Alpha article

I saw that article and noticed his due diligence isn`t up to date. He makes assumptions; as you point out that are kind of arrogant.  rate and reply
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Seeking Alpha article

He acts as if the company is only worth the proven reserves and that they will never discover any additional gold on their property. How absurd. They haven't even scratched the surface with...read more
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SmallCapPower.com - Ubika Gold 20 Report

Featured TMM, which rose 4% after the miner reported that its second quarter production increased 17.5% y-o-y.  rate and reply
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RE:just a thought

You are not alone.  Bill Murphy from GATA and Eric Duban are on this page.  While this discussion is mostly about silver, gold will right there with it.  Good interview.  GATA Chairman: JPM Has RUN...read more
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just a thought

with the recent drop in gold price and the quick rebound  with all the turmoil in the world the price of gold and tmm will soon go ballistic as we ride out the summer doldrums .  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Argonaut supposedly to acquire Timmins Gold

Who knows, maybe TMM is buying AR.  I own both so one will go down and the other up.  NET NET I get nothing out of it.  If it's true. JMHO  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Argonaut supposedly to acquire Timmins Gold

Why would TMM agree to an acquisition by AR  when in Q1 TMM eps was $.05 whereas AR eps was $.02  &  in Q2 TMM produced more than AR > they both have about the same # outstanding shares ...read more