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Timmins Gold Corp T.TMM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): TGD

Price: $1.58 | Change: +$0.05 | % Change: +3.27%
Volume: 147,658 | Day High/Low: 1.58/1.50 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.74/1.00

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RE:RE:RE:RE:Gold back on the Rise > BUY/SELL/HOLD ???

seems like the only way to make money is trading . tmm was on a spiral down last year from 3.40  to just over 1 dollar  to the start of 2014 , and tmm has so far this year increased production  to...read more
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LOW TMM trading Volume so far today > 12.06 pm

T:TMM - TIMMINS GOLD CORP - http://www.timminsgold.com 12:04:14 EDT - Update in 2 seconds Pause Sym-X Bid - Ask Last Chg %Ch Vol ...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Gold back on the Rise > BUY/SELL/HOLD ???

pdcom:       Had an order in for 34,000 \tmm shares @ $1.47 today but have decided you are right in that there is nothing wrong with TMM it's just a lack of buyers & also  maybe a correction coming. ...read more
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RE:RE:Gold back on the Rise > BUY/SELL/HOLD ???

the market is holding back because of the sentiment for gold stocks it has nothing to do with tmm and their production , just lack of buyers .some claim another correction , time will tell. we are...read more
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RE:Gold back on the Rise > BUY/SELL/HOLD ???

picked some up at 1.49 as well  rate and reply
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Nobody listens to Goldman anymore...

Don't listen to the squid, those guys have been screwing up the world's macro economies for decades. Ever heard of Goldman's Robert Rubin and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. It led to the...read more
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Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

The Bank of Canada holds the least amount of gold reserves relative to it's public debt of $680 billion, a paltry .02%, the lowest amongst G8 countries. The Bank of Japan holds $32.2 billion in gold...read more
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Gold back on the Rise > BUY/SELL/HOLD ???

Bought 18,800  @  $1.49   GLTA  rate and reply
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Gold price went down from 1560 to 1350 on April 15 last year. It is now down $32 at 9:20am to $1293.  rate and reply
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TMM may take a shxt kicking to-day

All the metals down > Gold down $34.00 ( = over $4 m to TMM) TIMMINS GOLD CORP TMM:TSX View TGD on the NYSE MKT LLC Set Alert   Add to...read more
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goldman reiterates 1050 gold  this year  lolololol they sound like a broken record  it doesnt cost money to forecast gold prices and look like a fool .lololol 1400 gold soon  rate and reply
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If it doesnt show up on short positions maybe they just had large long position in TMM and decided to sell alot more then buy  rate and reply
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bobby621    I have searched back a few months to reconcile Merrill Lynchs buy/sell & it comes out Negative as I have reported, maybe had something to do with the underwritings @ $1.50.   BUT does not...read more
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Hey DEH1

Is it possible that as of March 31, close to 2.9million shares are "short" on the canadian side and only by one firm? that doesn't sound correct, I don't have access to the current Short of Timmins as...read more
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Analyst views

Expert Comments: Philip Ker, PI Financial (4/9/14) "Timmins Gold Corp. announced record gold production of 35,197 oz for Q1/14, which is a beat to our target of ~33,700 oz and is a direct result of...read more
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Merrill Lynch (clients) short -2,963,997 TMM shares @ $1.49

Broker Positions for C:TMM Broker #39 from 20140321 to 20140411 Date Bought $Val Ave Sold $Val Ave Net Position ...read more
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DOW, TSX & GOLD all down today. Low volume TMM down 1cent

Last Change Bid (size) Ask (size) Volume Day Range $1.58 -$0.01 (-0.63%) ...read more
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RE:RE:RE:GMP security > specializes in providing research to clients

GMP has completed buying back his short position.  He/she lost $9,528.00 Broker Positions for C:TMM Broker #74 from 20140311 to 20140411 Date Bought ...read more
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RE:RE:GMP security > specializes in providing research to clients

You post some good stuff DEH1. Keep it up. Thanks  rate and reply
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RE:GMP security > specializes in providing research to clients

Plesaed to see GMP buying back 95.000 of his/her 147K shorts  Broker Positions for C:TMM Broker #74 from 20140310 to 20140410 Date Bought $Val ...read more