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Timmins Gold Corp T.TMM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): TGD

Price: $1.43 | Change: $-0.04 | % Change: -2.72%
Volume: 237,217 | Day High/Low: 1.48/1.40 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.74/1.00

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RE:RE:RE:losing credabillity fast

I decline the nomination. It is possible that Firecracker's math isn't wrong and that Bragagnolo isn't a complete idiot. Firecracker's math is not Firecracker's math. It is the company's math. They...read more
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RE:RE:losing credabillity fast

I think it is obvious that either Bragagnolo is a total idiot that does not know what he is doing or Firecracker's math is wrong. Anyone want to nominate Firecracker for Chairman of the Board? Bob  rate and reply
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RE:losing credabillity fast

Grey yhe ansver to your questioning. http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2014/01/24/timmins-gold-completes-amendment-to-credit-facility-with-sprott-resource  rate and reply
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losing credabillity fast

A bought deal occurs when an underwriter, or a syndicate, buy shares from an issuer before selling them to the public. The deals typically occur at a slight discount to a company's last trading price....read more
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RE:13% for $28M

if you sell monday at 1.50 then you are right you just lost 13% and have no benefit from the 28 million dollars share offering and future profits from tmm.. but if you hang tight you would benefit...read more
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13% for $28M

What people don't realize is that you were just forced to sell 13% ownership of your company for $28M. Do you really think that was a good deal for you? If this company is as successful as we think it...read more
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RE:bruces game plan

Exactly the reason why this is a terrible deal. The game plan calls for hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to be pouring in over ther next ten years. Cash has allready started pouring in as...read more
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RE:So Debt will not be repayed

It is not $2M in cash growth per week. It is $1m in cash growth per week. Timmins had an all in cash cost of around $1,100 in 2013 because they spent a huge amount of money on capital improvements in...read more
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RE:RE:TMM Profit and Loss

Is this a credit facility as in they can use it whenever? or is this a debt issuance to timmins from sprott.  I believe it is the latter, and it would make no sense for them to pay off the loan...read more
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RE:24 Video Interviews from Cambridge House Resource Conference

this conference is rubbish. So is kingworldnews & zerohedge all brainwash. Trade with the trend and the fundamentals.  rate and reply
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RE:Ready for the Announcement next week that will affect TMM?

that article was based on tues jan 21  when gold took a tumble . by friday gold bounced back and closed at 1269  breaking the much needed 1255 price . the dow also closed down 318 points  along with...read more
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The Gold Report has Good Coverage of TMM

Joseph Fazzini, Dundee Capital Markets (1/23/14) "On Jan. 22, Timmins Gold Corp. announced a bought-deal financing for gross proceeds of $25M. . .we feel the equity raise benefits the company in that...read more
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24 Video Interviews from Cambridge House Resource Conference

24 Video Interviews from Cambridge House Resource Conference (Vancouver 1/19/14) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFDJWb6LJdV6IB8t8Bq0i3XplAP6RlG5r Cheers, Luker  rate and reply
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RE:RE:TMM Profit and Loss

in 2014 tmm only needs 5 million dollars to start the la chichirra project  for the crucher and relocation of crusher  so we have all year to generate some cash , and in the second year 9 million for...read more
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RE:TMM Profit and Loss

your right and tmm simply locked in 18 million shares at 1.50 a share now when they have the cash they can go ahead with their plans outlined not worrying about the price of gold . san francisco and...read more
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TMM Profit and Loss

I was re-reading some of TMM's news releases and came across this quote from Oct 10/13: When the Company gave its production guidance of a minimum of 125,000 ounces for 2013 it had planned to install...read more
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bruces game plan

in a nut shell here it is http://www.timminsgold.com/news/index.php?&content_id=250 the way i understand it and put away all the theories this is based on lachara and san francisco to the end of  2022...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:this deal is not insane

Given the uncertainty in the prices of the PM's and the need to garner financing BEFORE any short fall leaves you prey to the wolves of Wall Street...this wasn't a bad move.   Besides - what helped...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:this deal is not insane

Great points FC.  My guess we are getting a little of both - a little insurance coupled with something quickly accretive.   On the short list of quick accretive moves - speeding up LaCharra would be...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:this deal is not insane

Agree with you 100%sclarda. The timing is what really upset me. It seemed like a despertion move.  I understand the security aspect but as a shareholder it is painful to see. I have trusted...read more