By the time some one recommends a stock, chances are the owners, the owners friends, and stock promoters have pretty much ate up most of the cheap stock. Perhaps I'm crazy but when any of the above mentioned parties runs low on cash then a stock drive is initiated. This allows them to unload a little of their stock so they can hit the strip club a couple more times this month.

These stock drives can take many forms. Sometimes pure spam posting on stock bulletin boards and sometimes an under educated friend hoping to reach the big time, recommends something. He's usually in on the cash exchange fleecing scheme, if not the initiator.

I say trust large institutional volumes. They are the only real true indicator. Unlike the high school grads, or university arts grads who run promotion companies, the larger institutions probably have a geologist or two, mba's and a plethora of other educated people to determine whether a stock has potential or not.

Sorry for the not so cryptic response to spam.