Latin America will change after the death Hugo Chavez. I have been arguing into this direction here and on the APE board as well… and this will change the position of foreign mining companies as well… of course no one can say- today- that the populist leftist revolution will end in 30 days in Venezuela…  the last stand of lies about Chavez health will clash with the romantic grief about a bizarre father figure on the next elections…maybe the revolution of this borderline democrat will come to a halt….however, no new face will turn back the clock….change is on the horizon….the ending of the Bolivar revolution in Venezuela will force Bolivia to listen more carefully about the need of foreign mining companies. The new mining law (in Bolivia) has to become an invitation to foreign capital. That is the reason why I do not expect that the conflict between SAC and Bolivia will linger – counterproductive- on for many years since one cant attempt to appease new investors by still treating old investors like dirt…  I expect a much quicker resolution  for SAC than many may think today.

Again, Chavez death will change the landscape…and countries like Bolivia can size the moment by acknowledging this…there is a lot of money which likes to flow into these countries… the time for cooperation is approaching.