Thanks King! I appreciate your take on the matter…as you know… in deed, there are differences between APE and SAC… of course both are political stocks (with regards to Bolivia)… yet; they may have a different history with the local community which might be the deciding factor here

…the good news about SAC is…the worst news is out…it cant get much worse… but there is reason to stay with the story- oh yes!… SAC has a cash position which about equals its market cap…(how crazy is that!?) much more it has a terrific story going on in Escalones (Chile)…I like their NI 43-101- with open pit mining potential… Copper is king if the world economy will come back…it is part of a cyclical demand curve…in this light…gold is just an expensive by- product.. lol… in addition SAC holds almost 20 % in High Dessert Gold (HDG) so SAC looks fantastic in my eyes…even without the Bolivia story… however the matter about the Malku Khota Project may indicate the problems for APE …APE is as well in danger of an orchestrated conflict by some people at any time…which may end every dream of APE stock holders…APE cant control all people in the community...and at this time there is simply nothing to be gained…so therefore APE is left alone…for now…The advantage for SAC is that Bolivia has to pay a lot money for their nationalization…why? Because no money will come to Bolivia without that…so SAC might be ahead of the curve… however, APE is an interesting test case as well…because…Bolivia should know by now that their nationalization may be counter productive since the productivity in many mines had suffered after nationalisation:

e.g. please read:

APE might become the beneficiary after all of that… my take on the new mining law is that is will not ultimately resolve the matter for all the investors…in fact, I dare to say that the law is much less for the international mining audiences…but, it may be there for a foremost domestic political purpose which should communicate to the people within the country that they have to return to an more legalistic relationship with “outsiders”… the conflict between miners, illegal mines, indigenous people and the public is in need for a structure…that is what the mining law may achieve…