Again thanks! Great post! Wow and nobody is bashing…:)… the centre of my past arguments have been basically two points

  1. Change in US politics (Obama is different & weaker US foreign policy power in decline)
  2. The coalition within Bolivia; Ecuador…and even Venezuela between the poor and indigenous people is under pressure

About 1) The US foreign politics has changed because the United States is arguably in a power declining process.. academic articles call this simply that we are becoming a multi-polar world….so I still maintain my postion:… please read : or

1’) the question about Obama is more about semantics- I don’t take names too serious…but as the previous article and the graph shows:

The US of A gained; thus, it had lessened the suspicion against her… so no matter what you think of his policy (and I may agree with you on some points)… you remember if it walks like duck.. if it talks like a duck… :)

and maybe.. just for humour: please look at CNN :  and even Chavez wanted to vote for Obama…please read: or even more absurd: Chavez to Obama: I want to be your friend..:

and do not forget that Obama stated that he would meet with Chavez…

…I call that détente…so I guess things have changed…or ? :)

2) the coalition of the Populist is cracking the indigenous people are a roadblock to modernity for some…please read: please read: or Bolivia (sorry for the source :

…and a final word about Chavez…Latin America will still have the same problems the day after he will have died.. but it will be a different day…and I am certain.. if I would be a political adviser to Morales… I would say, hold on, we have to prepare ourselves to walk alone in the future.. how can we achieve that..?...and that is all what Canadian Mining companies need… but hey, it is just an educated guess… it is a piece of playful thinking…:):) …and the world will turn, anyways :):)