I suppose you are referring to Apogee Silver also Canadian and also in Bolivia. Here's my opinion and I stress just my opinion.

If I was them I would be looking to make an exit out of Bolivia. Morales cannot be trusted to honor any contracts in terms of resources in his country. The death of Chavez will not change anything Bolivia for next couple of years. Morales still has until 2014 when his term is up. He is a very popular president. Morales won presidential elections again in December 2009 with 63% and continued to his second term of presidency. Morales is subscribing to a socialist doctrine and perhaps under the tutelage of Chavez to commandeer the commanding heights of his country's economy and that means resources.

South and Central America have had a long history of social revolution and change. Personalities such as Che Guevara, Castro, Arbenz to modern day Chavez and Morales won’t fade that easily into history. People like them will continue to rise in answer and opposition to what they perceive to be the Anglo American Empire. Regardless of what Stratfor or Zero Hedge hints at, and I think they will agree with me here, the socialist movement isn’t going away any time soon in South and Central America. Power struggles resulting in a leader’s death might temporarily swing back to capitalistic leaders. However if the same games of land grabs, and zero benefit to the people that live there play out then count on socialism coming back even stronger.

The answer to the socialist blow back and it is blow back due to American foreign policy which benefits their companies only, is to have companies legitimately work towards eliminating poverty in South and Central America all together. That being said I think South American Silver was a fine example of a company that was trying to do just that. They however became a casualty in Morales’s war to obtain the commanding heights of his economy. This is the dark side of socialistic politics. You will find any political leader regardless of ilk are all the same. They will say and do anything to maintain their power.  It isn’t always about the people, sometimes it’s only about the leader. Any company who under estimates this when dealing with a socialist government can be badly bitten.

South American Silver’s strategy of pursuing compensation through legal channels is the best we can hope for at this moment. It literally is a wait and see game. I’m certain the company is actively looking at additional properties in more friendly and trust worthy South American countries.  Time will tell, but again to emphasize, you can’t trust socialist governments and don’t expect the world to change overnight simply because a popular socialist leader dies.