since I am here invested... I will repost a text I wrote for APE (a nice Bolivan play..or Nebiim? :):)...and Nebiim is here very an older posting:

.... as many have rightfully stated: APE is a political stock. I added here the more narrow thesis: Chavez is the linchpin of APE…. a very good article summarizes my observation very well when it states : With Chávez's health in doubt, so is leadership of Latin American left

Please read:

Chavez has been a unique personality with access to oil money which funded his many political endeavours. In many ways,… he is an echo to the Bush years which reinvigorated the Anti- American attitudes in Latin America…Morales was a by product…but the times have changed. Obama is no Bush…and Latin American knows that…this had lessened the Anti-American sentiment…and-in turn- it reduced the force of the “radical” left in Latin America… APE is connected to Chavez… moreover, the investments into Latin America. Chavez death amounts to a long term signal for change…as much as I hope that the new mining laws will give APE a lift…but the overall problem is not finally solved….no law will produce a convincing long term security…the mess for APE of today is the result of a political system which can not be relied on…(from the perspective of a Canadian mining company) law will change that…the death of Chavez might…. :):)…

and I may add. now..Chavez time is running out...even if he might have woken up from his coma... :):)