It is always interesting to consider why different houses are buying shares.....Does Canaccord know something is in the works?.....Is is a simple matter of positioning into under-valued plays (as someone pointed out South American Silver Corp has a market cap that doesn't seem to reflect its cash position...its current Chile property position aswell as the potential windfall from the Bolivia property scenario via settlement or otherwise).....Or did Canaccord see something else?

So many of the Juniors are beat down right now and SAC just happens to have some fundamentals to consider aswell as the Large technical Gap on the chart (which often get filled "eventually") to consider....That Gap is just under the dollar and seems to me as if it is a decent probability to get filled in at some point possibly in at current prices....and with fortitude....a Triple here could be setting up!

The company will hopefully release some significant News in the near term and bring some attention to its company and what it has to offer going forward.....Wonder if there is some excelent beat down junior out thier that could use the cash relationship with South American Silver Corp. to partner with?

I like what I see surrounding SAC.