the stock is undervalued considering cash on hand and Escalones alone. however it might stay that way for a while unfortunately.

the company is suffering a major confidence blow, considering it got raped by Morales and his dirty tricks brigade.

little rant: you know if Morales had done this to Barrick, Rio Tinto and or BHP Billington then he might have really struck a blow against the evil conglomerate capitalist west. problem is though he didn't, he did it to a junior mining company. he did it against average joes like all of us. Morales has no respect for the law and or legal agreements and is not to be trusted period ever again.

all this being said and it probably is already happening, contingency plans must be laid for the road ahead. we all realize that proving resources in the ground is an arduous lengthy business, but SAC needs more properties right now.  plus it should consider renaming the company and perhaps look outside of South America. at any given time and hopefully possible, it should have 3 properties it's trying to prove. future risk must be mitigated. future political instability must be factored into the stock price. the company needs to prepare itself against further political lunacy. SAC needs to get more irons back in the fire.

until this happens, people will remain skittish. SAC also should be more forthright and honest to prepare its share holders for a long drawn out legal battle over Malku Khota. of which the distinct possibility of never recovering their initial investment is a serious possible outcome.

I think there still are big things that company can do, but it needs to guide a different course and it can't be business as usual considering what has happened.