TMB's does scare me sometimes.  It's brutally volitile.  But -- unlike ANS, CFP, WFT etc which have boomed TMB is just treading water or even below.  Crazy given their timberland tenues and exposure to forest products.  Of anyone with an upside, they have a big one.  I'm just worried about this $190 M proejct they have running trying to become a power player.  Is it their core competancy?  No.  But then again, nor is making lumber, they struggle there too.  I bought at 2.70 and have no intentions to sell.  One analyst who slips my mind has them theoreticlaly at $5 per share.  I'm cool with $3.65 and this it's attainable as it becomes more and more of a "sale priced" stock vis a vis the other guys in the sector who caught fire.