You appear to be new to the boards and Stockhouse so thank you for your well though out post. Certainly some things to consider . If you remain on the boards it won`t be long till bashers jump down your throat so don`t get discouraged..

  What I am waiting for now is the financials on Jan 31st . I had bought in just before the last financial report which was unexpectedly bad and I got creamed. Just look at the chart  . I bought a big position at $2.25 and it almost immediately feel to $1.70 . I averaged down . which is a big no-no and luckily recovered .  I am not waiting for that to happen again . Even the CEO says this is traditionally their weak quarter . I got out over the last two days at a nice profit , but about a week late . I could have done better but I don`t have good discipline.I had my fingers crossed. Not a very good strategy. So now I`ll wait for the report and then decide what to do.Back in or not.