How many years has the New Prosperity project actually been in the process of development and how many dollars spent in the process?  It's quite obvious that the potential of the project is huge and without a doubt 5.3 billion pounds of copper and 13.3 million ounces of gold is something to boast about but for how long? I've heard just about all of the environmental pros and cons that exist with this project and with all respect to the locals and environment abroad it means absolutely nothing to a potential investor with many other options. I could take a $50000 bank loan out to invest in a junior mining company just before a major drill result with hopes that things will skyrocket but would this be wise? How is investing the same amount in TKO and relying on a group of environmentalists and government permits to carry it through any different? I've been a strong believer that investing in Canadain equity is an important thing to do as a Canadian but one must also follow the money. Any other opinions?