SpunkyMonkey;   The rise in the share price mainly mirrors what is happening in the whole copper space.  So far Gibraltar expansion has not helped in my opinion because it still has a long way to go before reaching full capacity.   The ramp up so far is slightly under performing expectation.

Like you, I see the Prosperity factor as mixed.  It has been a drag for many years.  Hopefully it will be sorted out within 2013 but it is not sure.   Like you, I look forward to Aley getting into production.   The only risk, as I see it, is that the niobium market is very specialized with few players and it lacks an open market.

Prosperity has multiple drag factors other than the obvious.  The key drag for me is that they now have access to capital to purchase a new copper mine or copper company but they are hesitating to spend money until they see if they need huge capital for Prosperity.   Gibraltar will soon be at maximum production so expansion of Taseko revenue will need to come elsewhere

2013 should bring a lot of clarity to both Aley and Prosperity.  Waiting is hard.