I don't claim to know a lot about the politics - but the economic impact of this project would be hard for anyone to turn down.

Warren, you are suffering from the unfortunate ailments of logic and common sense, neither of which play a role.

I like TKO, have been in and out a couple of times, but am out at the moment. From a pure cashflow and asset POV, TKO is very undervalued IMO but it is the victim of politics and our very own government sponsored extortionists, otherwise called Indians, First Nations, Aborigines, Name of the Day.

We the taxpayers and electorate have allowed and enabled this extortion to not only continue but grow in this Province.

Environmental protection is vital. TKO should never have proposed the original plan that involved the destruction of Fish Lake. It was a no go from the start and guaranteed to rankle (can't insert normally used word as it will be deemed racist by some given part of the topic). If I was a local in the area, of any skin colour and ancestral backround (I am part Native btw, just not from that area), I too would have been incensed as the destruction of a lake. TKO has shown in their hastily prepared second application, that Fish Lake can saved.

TKO and the Feds lost credibility in my eyes when it tried to ram through a proposal and accept the first proposal.

If and a very big if TKO gets a approval for Prosperity, and the local indigenous folk vocally support it, TKO sp will increase by leaos and bounds, but until then it will be punished.

As for the BC Libs and their which way is the wind blowing today Premier vs the NDP, I'm going to hold my nose and say that the NDP and Adrian Dix may well be our best bet for mining. Dix like him or not as conviction and somewhat of a point to prove. I see him as more centred than his predecessors, recognises the need revenue to pay for his increased wages to teachers and such, so will support new sources of revenue. I think he will be strong and pragmatic enough to stand up to the environmentalists who say no to growth as that is only word they know.