Week in Review: A Mining and Exploration Retrospect

So Much for the Environmental Review

By ResourceClips


Monday's news from British Columbia indicates another level of uncertainty has hit the province’s mining sector. Two B.C. cabinet ministers refused an environmental assessment certificate for Pacific Booker Minerals [V.BKM], even though the company passed a provincial environmental review. As a result, the half-billion-dollar Morrison copper-gold-molybdenum proposal has been put on hold.
A new development at the provincial level, it does have similarities to a federal decision to reject Taseko Mines’ [T.TKO] Prosperity gold-copper mine proposal for B.C. A November 2010 report from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Authority convinced the federal government to reject the $800-million proposal. The three-member CEAA panel found few significant adverse environmental effects but emphasized significant adverse effects on established native rights, potential rights, potential title, tradition and culture... [View the complete article at http://goo.gl/rrfji]