Taseko receives Charleyboy support for New Prosperity

2012-09-20 11:27 ET - News Release


Mr. Ervin Charleyboy of First Nations Youth reports


Ervin Charleyboy, statesman within the Tsilhqot'in Nation and former chief of the Alexis Creek Nation, has lent his voice of support to Taseko Mines Ltd.'s New Prosperity mine project. Once a vocal and central opponent to the previous Prosperity project in 2010, Mr. Charleyboy has stated that, following his review of the water management plan contained in Taseko's environmental impact statement (EIS), he believes sufficient environmental mitigation measures are now in place.

"I couldn't support that project back when the plan was to eliminate Fish Lake," says Mr. Charleyboy. "I looked at the jobs and the money that might come from the mine for my community, but the loss of that lake was too great a cost. I was the leader of our nation back then. It wasn't a good position to be in, to have to turn down opportunities when there wasn't anything else out there. But it was the right decision at the time."

Taseko Mines has a new plan in front of the federal government called the New Prosperity plan. Under the new plan, Fish Lake will be preserved, and a number of measures have been taken to ensure the surrounding Fish Creek watershed will remain intact throughout the mine's operation. These plans are summarized in a video that Taseko Mines has developed as well as in the executive summary of the EIS, both of which are available on the project's website.

"This new mine plan solves the problem we faced by saving Fish Lake," continues Mr. Charleyboy. "That's what we asked for last time around. I have been able to see Taseko's plans for the mine as it relates to Fish Lake -- the scientific plans that the government has now -- and it is clear to me that this company has come up with a solid solution.

"When I think of what's out there for our young people in this region, I feel discouraged," concludes Mr. Charleyboy. "They need some opportunities, they need work, and they need training. With Fish Lake preserved now, I'm encouraging young people to support the New Prosperity mine, because it offers all those things. We can't turn our backs on opportunities like this."