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Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  TGB

"Taseko Mines Ltd is engaged in the production and sale of metals, as well as related activities including exploration and mine development, within the province of British Columbia, Canada and the state of Arizona, USA."
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Nf,  I'll try and do better, don't know if thats possible, by the time this is over, might need TKO rehab Ha Ha  rate and reply
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I'm watching the copper futures too, miner. Very exciting no times ahead. much more exciting than when NP was first rejected! That gave me an ulcer. Now I've got many times more shares more
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I worry about your health. We are in amazing shape. But your over the top enthusiasm can not be good for your health. We are all going to be very rich. Just relax. It is no big deal. I give my more
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and another penny, 2 and1/2 cents more and we are at our all time high of $2.68. this is too exciting. If this keeps going, big volume tomorrow. If we break a million and people quit selling to more
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Feathers and Bones Rule

Nf,  in the time it took to write out my previous post, world copper went up nearly .03 cents. The Brain might miss as  " the mind can play tricks." But not the Feathers and more
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ReRe Signs

Nf  I refer to the drill hole as a shot in the dark, a bulls eye hit but all that is really an attempt to understand what happened there. What if the coppers everywhere and it likely is. more
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RE:Some history

Footnote. I grew up without any direction, for the most part. My wifes father taught me how to kill gut and skin animals properly. He taught me how to know a horse and how to ice fish. He taught more
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Some history

The name cartwright originated in the 1600s in england. They were a clan of exceptional cart or carriage making skills. Many moved to the new world and the spelling of the name varied. How ever it more
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Look miner. There is a plain and simple fact here. Drilling 2500 feet core pulling is an expensive proposition. You do not drill one hole let alone 6 if you sre not confident in ben cartright. I more
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Nf,  my bones are rattling and Pokinfuns feathers are whistling in the wind. There's something underfoot. This is not superstition. This is straight science and the science says, " more
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Copper open

Basically held. However we gained a couple pennies on fx. We are entering the soft months on copper, so to hold is good. I am expecting to hold between 2.40 and 2.80 till feb. Then I expect more
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Thanks for that imput elg. I read it over. We trade at a 97% discount to npv as well. I was not aware that we made big improvements to our sh rights plan before. I like the 40 cents per pound that more
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RE:RE:RE:Presentation November 2016 on website Taseko

"Why doesn't someone e-mail taseko and ask. Did mother taseko buy the land separate from daughter gibralter or through daughter gibralter?" I suggest Copperminer is the perfect guy more
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Interesting read on page 19 of the Nov 2016 presentation. CU price of USD 2.19 to USD 2.63 = USD 0.54 Gives Taseko the following benefit in C$: From C$ 0.12 to C$ 0.39 = C$ 0.27 These are more
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Your thoughts on np have been mine as well miner. We will be so busy with gib, florence and alley that np will go to the back burner. It is bought and paid for. Of course if the gov. declares that more
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Yes Nf, I like the part about how smart we are. Oh, it's so hard to be humble. What a bulls eye drill hole that was, a real shot in the dark. Because of the size of the Gib resourse, there' more
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RE:RE:Presentation November 2016 on website Taseko

Thanks for the mega imput folks. I had an Idea. Why doesn't someone e-mail taseko and ask. Did mother taseko buy the land separate from daughter gibralter or through daughter gibralter? more
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RE:Presentation November 2016 on website Taseko

And that's without the mineral claims adjacent to Gib.....which will hopefully add another 1B + to NPV. NF....these adjacent claims were purchased by TKO ....not I don't more
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Presentation November 2016 on website Taseko

Just had a look at there presentation of November 2016 Page 21....something to think about... 4.90 billion NPV Total: = $4.90 billion  Market Capitalization: = $0.13 billion = 97% more
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RE:RE:Re Re The ramifications

monkey, a beautiful post, raging balls....  rate and reply

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