Some of  the drilling companies    in the   US  and energy service companies are at 52 week highs.   PTEN  ,  RES,   are  at  52 week highs.  My  advice is to sell  out and  buy   March call  options on   on  NFX   or  if    uwanna really go  for a mucho   multibagger to buy   June calls  on    ZNGA  . It is i nearly stage break  out.  If  u  read that bullboard     I   had  posted that  it was doing a few mini pops and was doe for a big  break  out.  I  m   up  38  % on my position from  two weeks ago  and am   up  almost 600  % on call  options.  I  would suggest the    June  4 dollar calls.  TID is not going anywhere soon,  Brazil is a complete bust   , there simply isnt the  big  oil  and gas there that  people had  oped for.