As lons as Obamma restricks USA drilling on Goverment lands, the game is in South America and Africa. Very few drillers want to screw with the USA regs, red tape and now its all about Backen and Eagleford-Texas. Woodford in OK.  Obamma will not indorse surface natural gas 18 wheelers. So we will be stuck with imports for lng time. Very sad because we could be independent in 5 years using NG.  South America, Africa and other want to explore and produce their resources . Its wealth abd keeps their ecos booming.  Our country is so stupid not to produce here and use the royalities ( 18% plus ) to go to our debt. 18 wheelers and othe commerical Vech can not run on batteries. But can on Nat Gas.. Obamma wants spark plugs up every bodys butt with elec autos,  Just stupid.  Drill baby Drill..