Here are a couple of summaries of his comments. GLTA

  • Tricon Capital (TCN TSX) Our ACB is $4.00.
    A residential real estate lender to single and multi-family developers. Net of cash, trading at five times cash flow and they are on pace to more than double EBITDA by 2014. Low leverage, yields 5.5 percent and management owns 23 percent of the business.


TOP PICK 4.720 Dennis Mitchell, CFA They finance multi-residential development, redevelopment and ownership in Canada and the US. Thinks they can double their EBITDA run rate out into 2013-2014. You add on the performance fees that they will take from some of the funds they currently manage, there is dramatic growth in this name. Should trade at around $5.50. 4% plus yield. 2012-07-20