But Peter, the entire world's recovery and growth is premised on easy $$ and historically record low interest rates. Bank of Australia, the country that is primarily a resource economy (much like Canada), just lowered rates to mutli-year lows. I suggest you are buying into mainstream media and gov't pundits who want you to believe all is rosey yet in the U.S. nearly 50 million Americans rely on food stamps. True unemployment is probably over 15%!! Unemployment is skewed b/c precludes those who have stopped looking for work. The world is now addicted to QE drug and gov'ts can ill-afford to stop "jacking" things up. Overall; however, this will prove good for commodity pricing, but this debasement of currencies will ultimately ruin society. Also, you are probably putting too much emphasis on 'paper' market gold which is widely known to be significantly disconnected from the physical "on the ground" markets. No, my belief is gold is currently in the dog house, but 30 million Chinese house-wives can't be wrong. Time will tell, but you talk about gold prices being in a rut, Moly prices have stunk for a few years now. If things are 'so healthy', why haven't Mo prices moved up? Steel prices suck along with Pb and Zn. They sit at multi-year lows.