In the good o'BLE days, something like this would have easily added 5 - 10% to the share price!  Now, it's just the opposite, coupled with these f  ken mkts, TCM's price goes the other way! 

Q results should be out in a few more weeks....expect TCM to fall into the $2.50 range :(

Is it a buy?  Forget it.....remember what RED said from what the Lunchbucket guys @ MT Milligan were saying to him, 'too many chefs in the kitchen" Well, those chefs are now starting to realize that they should have just let the cooks do their thing.  Behind in their schedule opening date...mine opening date will be pushed back which means added costs! (watch how those guys are going to spin it during the conference call next month!)


Be patient, $2.50 is coming!!