I  was correct about the  break out of STP  and  WFR,   in fact  STP  has  doubled   in barely a month.  I  think   WFR  will  hit  5 dollars before  end of February.  TCM   has   had resis]itance    at  the  4.30  level  now  3 times.  I  am expecting    a  push  to  over 5 dollars before end  of January.    It seems metals are very  much   in  vogue in 2013.  I  had posted on the AA  bullboard that    boring Alcoa  would    be the break out    stock in 2013  on the  Dow.  This stock  , like  TCM,  has been  in the doldrums  for  18 months and  it will   be a strong performer in 2013.  I  would  consider fellow  TC  metalheads to take a position in this stock   and the   July  10 calls are very cheap  and I  can  see       3 bagger to ten bagger     money on those calls. My January 1  STP  calls  are already up  1000   % in the last month, so I  took    90  %  of my profits off the table.