digger, without knowing your situation I will speak in general terms so as to not personalise my thoughts but rather I will attempt to share my mistakes with all on board

Tradind a security like tcm is ashallow play, look aT THE WAY IT BOUNCED BACK on Friday

The upside for this company is 20.00

Mt Milligan will be a wonderful addition to the stable, this will allow tcm to be a much more stable enity on the mining scene

Yes tcm will have dips but a good investor will ignore the noise as long as tcm is acting in concert with the over all sector

Others will see the retail panic and cause a stock to trade lower, the big platers and the smart investor picks up those ops and enters or add to a position

I have traded in and out of stocks for years and the only one who wins is the brockerage firm

It is ok to lighten up on a position and keep some dry powder available for pullbacks but you can be whipsawed and your would have been profits because of ones over thinking

I traded in and out of tcm in the mid two"s and early 3"s but once the trend was clearly indicated that the market is happy with tcm"s ability to complete the financial obligation of mt milligan  has allowed the stock to recover

Milligan is only 8 months away, think of it as a mother carrying a child, be excited about what is coming and imagine the outcomes of good management

Side note the retiring president who got whipped to the downside because of harsh economic conditions will go down as the greatet ceo the board has ever seen!