It is absolutely normal to see a liitle drop with the high this week .  Some bought a 2.70-3.00  and now are taking profit. But Thompson Creek have is not gonna stay at this price for long. So that is why it will go over 6.00 in 2013.


This is a little analyse from DIsnat:

 Technical Events

13 bullish - closest target $4.40-$4.70
6 bearish - closest target $1.90-$2.60
See table below for details. This page shows active events - view historical lookup for more.

Support found at:  $2.67
Resistance found at:  $6.91
Based on 500 bars. Customize on chart

Stop Price
For long position:  $3.10
For short position:  $4.95
Based on Recognia Trailing Stop ("medium") assuming position entered at last close price. Stops are updated with each new close price.Customize on chart