Sauli, you've raised some interesting questions here on both v. DVN and t.TCM. First. with v.DVN, don't know if Dundee is covering this thinks, not. But, as for the 'key relationships' bet, that's the first thing that got me into tracking DVN last year back in Feb.  (Disclaimer:  was tracking it but didn't buy any till I saw the share price firming up...bought in @ .18 - .20)  Mgmt has some good connections with t.NGD as they sold their property to them back in Dec-Jan!!

With t.TCM, I'M not sure of  your Mt. Milligan question as many of the contractors there are unionized. Now, what happens if TCM was to sell their Endako mine and focus solely on Mt. Milligan or the other way around? (I'm still thinking that TCM's biggest mistake was taking on Mt. Milligan....should have just stuck with moly!!)