Sauli/Peter....can't argue with your t.RIM pick there...should be a good one now as it head into the Santa Rally!!  Yes, as per my RIM post there, remember RIM in July when it was below $ easy double now come exit 2012 or even sooner!!

Good to have a winner or two in your portfolio!

Sauli, it's v.DVN not DCN...but yes, you're bang on with the assessment there, with DVN's acquisition of the Willa property, things are moving very nicely there. But, me thinks that once DVN gets their independent report from Mr. Ash, which I anticipate to be later this upcoming week, then DVN will make a much more significant gain here.

Peter/Sauli, be sure to keep an watchful eye on TCM because I still don't like how this is trading. With the mkts moving up and TCM has gone the other way, I'm give you guys the heads up here....remember, my call that was could see $2.66 again and it indeed touched that yesterday. May not see my $2.35 call at all in 2012 but watch this carefully!

haven't heard from my lunchbucket crew so it's business as usual.  I do know that some of the guys that they know are heading over to the Blackwater camp for NGD.  Why not?  They get paid a bit more there and it's within the same area....about an hour's traveling time.