At present valuations  tMEDS could be the best way to take a position in TCM and get paid while you wait.


 tMEDS, which are exchange-listed under the symbol TC-T. Currently trading at $16.44, the debt portion of the units is currently yielding nearly 10 percent (quarterly interest payments are 40.625 cents). The units are then convertible into TC stock at settlement in May 2015 (though holders can convert earlier). Should TC trade below $4.64 per share, tMEDS holders receive 5.3879 shares of TC stock. Between $4.64 and $5.45, tMEDS holders receive $25 worth of stock (the original offering price). Beyond $5.45, tMEDS holders receive a fixed sum of 4.5855 shares for each unit they own.

With TC common stock at $2.89, the stock component of the tMEDS alone is worth $15.57. The holder will also receive $3.65 in interest (nine quarterly payments remaining at $0.40625 each), putting the total value of a tMEDS unit right now at about $19.22.