Sauli, do a quick google search on TCM and there should be a newspaper article from the beginning of Nov that had a very intriguing article about their Endako operations!!  (Again, it solidified what I was saying back in June when I mentioned that TCM wasn't hiring any more workers for the summer and weren't renewing contracts for many whose contracts there were coming to an end.  This was a big red flag here for me!)

As for the cost overrun, I heard this from the lunchbucket guys back in Feb/March....go backk and look at my post there. Remember, these guys are the ones who are actuallly building the mine and they know what they're talking about as they can see just how things are progressing on the site!! (Now, in all fairness to TCM, these guys were the same dudes who were saying that there were too many chefs in the kitchen and nothing was being cooked, but they haven't been saying that lately!)