for TCM to do....putting out a NR about Loughtery's retirement.  It's not like he was going to retire in the next month or so, but in 18 months!!!  Perhaps, it was Pam's way of trying to sprinkle some good news in there as to prevent TCM from falling after their Q numbers were released! 

So, TCM is going to squeeze  as much as they can with Loughtery's retirement as they can....first to say that he's going to retire and then to put out another one to say that he'll be 'officially' retiring and then one more to announce the new CEO. 

$ hit a on  stick, he's  not going for another  18 months.....that's in 2014!!!  You know that he's going to stick around for the Mt. Milligan mine opening as that'll be his legacy!! So, Mt. Milligan won't be opening till then it sounds like!