Sauli, thanks for checking out the ones that I've suggested to least, you spent the time checking them out!  Keep them on watch, nevertheless, Sauli!

Yes, you do raise some good points with TCM and in regards to how it traded on Friday, I have to admit that TCM  dodged several bullets there.  Is it on the rebound......yes and no. 

First, yes, I think TCM is moving forward now  but it's still going to take some time!  TCM can move up drastically if and when they can fine the right dude for their CEO.  In all fairness to Loughtery, he has done absolutely nothing to TCM's share price but to bring it down and lose shareholders' confidence! Seems like TCM broke the resistance of $2.66.  Will it fall here again, maybe, but it won't be going down to my $2.35 call anymore seeing how it rebounded on Friday.


Next, no, TCM isn't quite on the rebound just yet as it's going to hinge on the US fiscal cliff.  If the US can come up with something to prevent the fiscal cliff, then TCM will move!  We'll have to wait and see next month. Me thinks that the US Pres will come up with something in time for the Santa Rally!!