I love analyst upgrades, they always come out right about the time the stock price has peaked :)  I sold my calls yesterday for double what I paid; I agree this could/should run a long way higher, but the price ran up on earnings anticipation, which was a few pennies higher than expected.  The shorts didn’t abandon ship the last time the price took a run above $4, I think it’s going to be hard to shake them again this time.

I think it's possible that buyers might  take profits considering that the price is trading at a large multiple of forward earnings.  They'd need to show EPS of $.20 just to have a forward P/E of 20 at $4/share.  I don't expect them to start making $.05/share until at least the 2nd quarter of 2014.

The moly numbers weren’t great, they processed/sold a huge amount of resources to break even.  They also sold some moly off of stockpiles, which probably helped reduce their costs.  That can’t last forever, eventually they have to start mining again to replenish that pile.

Still, looking further out, they should have a bright future, and I’ll definitely buy back in if we get a nice dip in the price.  If it keeps on running up, that’s great, I’m happy for those who stay long.