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Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc T.TCM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  TC | TC.P.T

Price: $3.03 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 221,447 | Day High/Low: 3.08/3.02 | 52 Week High/Low: 4.25/1.84

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RE:Cup and handle forming - its gonna pop soon :))

Will see what happens when earnings are released.  Terrible performer so far!!!  rate and reply
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Cup and handle forming - its gonna pop soon :))

Such a controlled range as of late - better days on the way for sure - maybe today??  rate and reply
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RE:Thompson Creek Metals Company Short Interest Down 66.9% ???

Thompson Creek Metals Company (NYSE:TC) was the target of a large decrease in short interest during the month of June. As of June 30th, there was short interest totalling 11,096,164 shares, a decrease...read more
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Thompson Creek Metals Company Short Interest Down 66.9% ???

http://tickerreport.com/banking-finance/255576/thompson-creek-metals-company-short-interest-down-66-9-in-june-tc/ can any one pull the short position to see if the news is true? thanks a lot.  rate and reply
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Mining stocks

HBM upgrade by Cannacord, TD Dundee reco on Lundin, Capsone, First Quantum, Trevali  rate and reply
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RE:hehe, this board is very quiet today...

I'd guess about 8 to 10 cents on the Q. We shall see...  rate and reply
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hehe, this board is very quiet today...

TCM will release its second quarter financial report on August 5. how much will TCM earn in the second quarter? any one wants to guess?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Copper & gold

Arent you a genius....you are a complete blind pumper.  rate and reply
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RE:Copper & gold

Kurd, it's called basing, finding a new floor, at these HIGHER levels and NOT dropping to $900 and $2, as some "geniuses" called for, not too long ago.  rate and reply
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Copper & gold

Both have been tumbling this week.  Copper has not been able to maintain any rally.  Jj what is this called in your terms?  Is it DOWN DOWN!!  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Looks like more Russian sabre rattlin' to me

Longonzinc, you're WRONG, as usual. I voiced my concerns/suspicions, REALTIME, as an INDEPENDENT see who can think for himself, discerning sheet from shinola. You probably believed that it was an...read more
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SierraGorda startup

KGHM expects production at Chile mine to start this month Author: Adrian Krajewski (Reuters) Posted: Thursday , 17 Jul 2014  WARSAW (REUTERS)  - >   Polish mining company KGHM said it expected...read more
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RE:Looks like more Russian sabre rattlin' to me

JJ, The truth is out you are actually a Ultra Right Wing-Nut TeaBagger.  When you are not here I'm sure you're spending your time posting on the Faux News website.  In the US the Faux Teabaggers have...read more
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Looks like more Russian sabre rattlin' to me

Hmmm, a Malaysian Boeing 777 shot down on the Ukraine/Russian border, from all indications by a Buk missile installation. Hmmm, I wonder who provided the rebels, loyal to Russia with such military...read more
2.5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:Production Update

TC has been rather opaque on a number of things that they've said over the past year, setting expectations relatively low on a number of fronts. I expect that they've got a rabbit or two up their...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Production Update

JJ, The "alleged gap" is the gap that TCM has announced.  They report that they will run out of mill feed in the 4th quarter.  They report that it will take 9-12 months before Phase 8 stripping is...read more
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Another "Captain Obvious" piece ... (from Zacks)

Then again, sometimes folks don't seem to see the forest for the trees ... :/. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/market-not-yet-noticed-potential-105358225.html Market Has Not Yet Noticed Potential...read more
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RE:RE:Production Update

It'll probably last until they get the go ahead, and get up and running on Phase 8. To my understanding, it's likely that after stripping and mining Phase 7, they'll probably have enough ore...read more
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If TCM is getting out of moly then it would

make sense for them to sell Edako.  A Japanese company could buy it and rename it as Eko Mine instead.  rate and reply
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RE:Will TCM sell the Endako mine then if they're getting out of

The question is "who would buy Endako?'   if there was someone how much would they pay? I cannot think of anyone.  In part, the reason is that there is no producing company anywhere focussed on moly....read more